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SOLD [Linden, New Jersey, USA] Selling Inmotion V5 (Not V5F) ~210 miles - $140


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Up for sale is a Inmotion V5 (Solowheel Glide), a little over 210 miles. Outer shell have scuffs & dings but no cracks. Wheel does turns on and ride perfectly fine. I am not the original owner, I bought this wheel to learn how to ride and now I'm passing it on.

You can find specs on eWheels, it looks exactly the same as the V5F but with less speed/range (12 mph max speed, 8 miles range). Great learner wheel for beginners, just something you can give to your friend and not feel bad when they drop it. 

The only quirk is that the charger is EU version (round plug), so you will need a plug adapter (less than $5 on Amazon). The charger itself can take either 110V or 240V so transformer isn't needed. 

Asking $140 + Shipping or free Local Pickup.



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