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Inmotion honeycomb pedals on a V8S

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As per the title, I just mounted a pair of Inmotion honeycomb pedals on a V8S. Posting in case anyone needed to do something similar.

While the pedals do fit out of the box, they sit at the unridable angle of 36.5°.


I also had a constraint that I couldn't modify the V8 (including the pedal hanger). Solution? Create a notch on the inside of the pedal!

Based on some rough measurements, I calculated that I needed to take off a ~2mm from the bottom edge to have the pedals sit flat. I'll shim the medals if ever needed to lift them in the future.


I tried a few things (dremel, rotary file, hand file) but they were terrible. So I ended up using a power file like:


The process wasn't as precise as I'd have liked, but it was good enough. (I forgot to take a picture before I blacked out the surface).


The general process I took:

  1. Grind pedal.
  2. Blacked/painted the bare metal.
  3. Mounted it on pedal hanger and wiggled it around.
  4. Measured angle with a spirit level app on my phone.
  5. If pedals were high, grind down the areas where the metal was exposed under the ink.


If I'd had to do this again, I would use a mill (which I don't have) or modified the pedal hangers (but was forbidden by my significant other). I think both would have made this much easier and more precise exercise.

Ps. Does this weaken the pedals? Probably. But I think it's sill fine given that the rider is <50kg and the EUC isn't seeing any off-road activity.

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