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NINETOOL? Advice needed Pls for New rider 2022


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Hi everyone, I'm a very new rider with E Unicycles and I just brought mine in June 2022 after my e scooter was stolen. I finally can ride it now but unfortunately I've then found out that it is illegal on UK roads which sucks. Scooters are also illegal but they don't stick out as much because there's rentals everywhere in Central London. 

Anyway, pls can anyone give me any advice regarding the ninetool for ninebot as I've got the S1 and I hate the tilt and speed limiter. 

I am thinking about of trying the app to increase the speed to the S2 specs but need advice as I know I am an few years behind everybody else. Also, anyone has this MRN76's contact details so I can message him? 

Thx for your time 






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