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Segway i2/x2 joystick info needed for wheelchair user


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Hi everyone, I know this isnt unicycle related but there seem to be knowledgable people here and I'm struggling to find another forum that might have answers for me. I'm a fulltime electric wheelchair user trying to convert a Segway PT for my needs because electric wheelchairs are pants and the various versions of segway based wheelchairs around the world either no longer exist or cost extortionate amounts.

I'm stuck on how to swop the leansteer stick for an electric joystick to control left and right turns. I know its been done on some of the official conversions but I dont know how to track down anyone who'll tell me how, and I've read the old thread on here about it being done on a mini pro but there wasnt enough info on it for me to understand how to do that on the i2/x2 model.  Can anyone here help with more info, or suggestions of who/where to contact to find out how please? Thankyou. I'm in the UK if thats relevant

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