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insta360 app wont upload


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i picked up a go 2 and the app wouldnt upload to my phone, it wasnt compatible.

went out and bought a new phone that is compatible but it still wont frign work. its a samsung/android. it said its an unknown/trusted filee and Chrome wont allow it.

any suggestions?

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insta360 got back to me and the chip in the a13 is exynos 850 but it needs the exynos 9810 and above chips

great the store said no problem but its not compatible 

then i went online chatting with a samsung technician and they said no worries the A13 G5 will work with insta360, then i told them i bought the phone and its not compatible, then they wanted me to call the technician line but i thought they were a technician?

nope she is part of a sales team that knows a little technical stuff about phones:roflmao:

i video taped the chat string and am going back to best buy to see if i can get my money back

see if i can get a galaxy S9, they came wih 2 different chips but either one will work.

last time i went into best buy to buy this camera with the exn

when i came out i almost fell off the wheel

it went into tilt back at low speed. i dont have tiltback on the wheel

looked at euc world, nothing changed. turned on and off and same thing, tiltbacking

turned off euc world, off/on the wheel, still tiltbacking

opened begode app and tilt back was at 16 km/h, changed to 60km/h. wheels been fine ever since but i never ever use the begode app

ill see if it happens again today when i come out of best buy

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got my money back and got a "new" S9 from craigslist and now everything works, they tried selling me a S20 for $590 because it would work. i declined and asked if they had any S9 and she said no and theyre not compatible:roflmao:

informed her the S9 came with 2 chips, one for north america and one for the rest of the world and theyre both compatible

gotta love those sales ladies:D

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