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Pedals sensitivity vs. footboard sensitivity


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Hey all,

New here and new to EUCs, just got a V10f and loving it. 

One thing I would like to change that I believe you can change somehow is the "hardness" of the pedals. Supposedly, you can adjust this so the pedals are always at their set angle if I understand correctly, aside from tiltback of course.

Watching YouTube videos and reading forums, I see references to "footboard sensitivity" controlling this, with a range of 2048 to 4096. My app does not have this option, and only has "pedals sensitivity" with a range of 0-100%.

Was this reworked and is the same option? If so, why at 0% do the pedals still pretty drastically adjust what angle they are at, e.g. they are "soft"?

Thanks for your time!

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