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Veteran Sherman & MAX | Issues & Solutions Tracking Thread


Sherman or Max Issues Tracking Poll  

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  1. 1. Since you received your Veteran Sherman or Max, did you have issues with your wheel?

    • Yes (Wheel Did not cause injury to self or others)
    • Yes (Wheel Caused injury to self or others)
    • No Issues
    • Unsure

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Making this post as objective and based on facts as possible, so we can see what issues and fixes have occurred with the Veteran Sherman/Max.

If there is or was an issue with your Veteran Sherman/Max, please be objective and provide the facts of what is/was going on much as possible.

For  issues - Please Include 

-Result of the issue(s)?

-Retailer origin (was it eWheels, Euco, Alien Rides ect)?

-Condition of wheel / other factors before the issue? (weather, riding style, previous damage,  environmental, hazards, storage, charging, ect)


-Batch or date received wheel from ?


For Fixes - Please include
-100% factual cause of the issue
-Working Solution to fix/repair/replace
-Steps to ensure issue(s)  didn't happen again. 

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