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Replacement battery for "Superwheel F1"?

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Hi there, I hope this is the right place to ask this.

I'm looking for a replacement battery for a monowheel I bought from a now-defunct Swiss seller (Superwheels.ch) in 2015.  The model is Superwheel F1, and I think it's the same as an Airwheel X3 or Pinwheel T1.

Information on the battery:

Input is a GX16-3 connector, 67.2V 1.5A.

It has two power outs - a 5V 2A USB port and a 59.2V 2A XT60 connector for the bike.

There's also an off/on switch, and a power/charging LED. All the ports have rubber covers.

Dimensions (in cm) are

H - 16.4 W - 18.3 D - 3.3

There are no identifying markings on the battery, nor on the bike beyond this.

An older battery died, and I opened it up - there are no screws. It contained a bunch of glued-together 18650 cells, as expected.  Welded plastic, so no way to replace the old cells.

In the manufacturer brochure, the monowheel motor is 48V 350W, max 700W.

The battery is described as "EasyPower", 180Wh, polymer lithium. The brochure also claims it's 40V 15mA, not 59.2V 2A as indicated on the battery case - is this discrepancy an issue?

Photos below

Cwhu2a9.jpeg     5ZGepkN.jpeg          Av2HLL0.jpeg      ptFoInn.jpeg     xMaCFfF.jpeg      lb9wpEp.jpeg   




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