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Kingsong 18S Power Button randomly stops working

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Once the wheel is on, it's fine. However, sometimes it simply won't turn on or off. Yesterday I rode 20 miles, it performed perfectly, and got home and the wheel wouldn't turn off. HOWEVER, it turned off perfectly through the App. After that it went a full day after being charged to turn on again. Super random. Anyone have an idea what's causing this? 

I should mention, I did just take out a battery that was bad, so it's operating on two batteries, but this issue was happening before I did that. 


Thanks for any and all help

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12 hours ago, dycus said:

Busted power button?

Do you have a multimeter? You can probably probe across the power button and watch for a change in voltage when you press it.

I have a multimeter, but it's hard to get access to the power button. Any ideas how to ?

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Gotta take the wheel apart, I guess!

I'm not familiar with the 18S, I couldn't find any disassembly videos on it, seems really old. There's this 18A video showing partial disassembly:


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