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Anyone riding in upper Westchester County, NY?

Tim Mattison

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I didn't want to resurrect threads from 1y+ ago so here we are.

I live in Pleasantville, NY and I think I'm the only person here with an EUC. I would love to discuss places to ride and then plan a meet up with anyone interested.

What I've noticed is that there are a lot of places that are suitable for EUC riding but they have signage that indicates that even regular bikes are forbidden (usually horse trails), or they forbid motorized vehicles. eMTBs get a pass there since they blend in but not EUCs. Are there any updated rules for the county that clarify where EUCs fit?

If you follow the rules in the strictest sense then most of the places I've seen recommended (North and South County Trailways, bike paths) are off limits. Has anyone been given a hard time there yet? I was only stopped once by some people that informed me that not even bikes were allowed on the trail I was on.

That said, where does everyone like to ride? Anyone up for a meet up/group ride?

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Hi!  I got my hopes up when I saw your post as I haven't seen any other EUC riders where I live or in other towns near me.  You are almost on the border of Pa and I'm northern NY (Massena area) on the border of Canada :)  

I haven't had any issues riding on any trails up were I live.  Most of them are ATV trails though and there are miles of them so not many people on foot on them.  Slowing down a lot when passing anyone I do happen to encounter and being cautious and respectful goes a long way.  Most people around town are curious and ask all kinds of questions about the wheel.  If you are ever heading up this way, hit me up and I'll ride with you anytime if I'm not working.  

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