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Looking for a cheap wheel local SF Bay area

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Hello all, I'm looking for a cheap wheel to learn on until my v12 arrives in a couple of months. It doesn't need to look nice it just needs to be functional.

Located in the SF east bay and would prefer to deal locally.

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I'm located in sf bay area. I have a Gotway msuper x 100v I bought it from ewheels a few years ago. It has close to 6000 miles on it. No trail riding just sidewalk/ sf waterfront and sf streets asking $799 obo. Runs great! New charger from PEV works. Comes with seat. Trolly handle is broken. The replacement is there just needs to be installed.  C8-CF1048-60-F9-4064-BBFE-F78-B9-E81-FFFC1-C6-CDA5-E769-4-A86-8-E75-466-B6-F0-ACF7-FE2-BB7-BB4-A-4-E86-B89-F-A63080-D13-67-A3-EBDF-6-B93-4-D92-A644-A84-DAE904841-E957456-2984-4-DD7-9536-FEE58306-BD9-F67922-BEE-4-CDD-4-A2-A-A6-CA-40-DB80-BA26-E25-A8-FA-46-D9-4169-98-BF-637-A8-ADFF

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