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[Recycled] Full Length ASA-Printed Mudguard for Gotway RS


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Details: I ended up with an extra mudguard when my new tire issues ended up being a matter of tire centering, not mudguard clearance so putting the original up for sale. Over 100 miles tested, functions well. It is 3D-printed with UV-resistant Prusament ASA and is very sturdy. Upper inner tabs were removed as I found they didn't provide a good hold, redesigned with mounting pieces to be held with velcro which works great and still show rear LEDs. I don't know if it fits other wheels or models, made for RS19. Note - likely won't fit chunkier tires without removing 4 remaining inner tabs.

Comes with the extra hook velcro needed to mount.

$35 shipped to lower 48 states.

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This is a much better mudguard idea ..the new one that comes with the wheel that just fits inside the wheel well almost killed me tonight somehow it came loose and sucked one side into the wheel and caused me to crash at about 23 mph I grabbed the goddamn mudguard and chucked it into a swamp.smh 

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Yeah that's not good, I really don't know how those tabs were suppose to work long-term anyway. Mine never even kept the mudguard mounted in the first place.

At one point I thought I might produce and sell these among other EUC parts, instead, I think I'll just post my design for free use now.


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