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E8 is it defective or normal operation (brand new noise when charging or on)

Rasmus DC

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I just need to be sure..

Just Unpacked a brand new E8 for my sons birthday today, bike seemed in perfect condition, there is no "bumps" to the box, no damage. 

I assembled the bike (just the handlebars) and turned it on, and it just has this "sound" also when off and charging, now the manual says that with a "sound" i need to contact aftersales, i have done that, and they just want a local repair company to "look at it" but by their first answer they don´t really know what is normal, and know this company they do REALLY dodgy work, i know i will get "new" gear back that is molested.

so the other solution is just to return it. (14 day free return policy) 

Or if this is just normal, keep it.. it could be normal, sounds more like a cheap chinese product, and had it been, i would just have accepted is as "just an annoyance".

Video link added. a Icloud link so will run out.


It was hard to record, but i is audible also standing far away from the E8.

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