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WTB V12 or trade+cash for RS-T(new internals)

Paul Engle

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Hey all. 

looking to buy or trade + cash for a V12. I have an RS-t, with new motor, new black mobo, new bearings, slightly waterproofed, shinko 241 tire, Clark bumpers. Shell is OG, and also in good condition. Never been crashed and the things os strong! 
would love to switch to a 16” wheel and the V12 seems interesting. I already have other 19-20” wheels. This is one of my favorite wheels, but I really want to run the V12. 


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I appreciate the response bro. I’m in NYC a lot. On IG I’m Elektric_airbender. Anyway, I’m there a lot. I really have been interested in the Nik. Love the toughness and ability to rain ride. But I’ve never had an inmotion, and do want to give it a shot. 
you ever chill at HQ? Again, thanks for reaching out bro, let me know if you know anyone. Maybe we can workout a deal where everyone wins!!

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Of course brother. I don't know anyone whose looking to trade their V12, but let me know if you are interested in trading one of your bigger wheels for the Nik+

If the V12 doesn't work out and you're looking to purchase a Nik+ i'll give you a good price since you're coming from way down.

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