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new eu wheeler

Picot Floyd

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It has been so great to learn from this forum.

I got my wheel 18 days ago, and haven't been able to leave it alone since.

the first week was 10 minutes at a time (my very first time I stepped on it I bruised the inside of my starting shin! )

I hadn't put on my shin guards, and super whammo, it still hurts 2 weeks later. 

I watched some videos today and think I will start working on going backwards and doing tighter turns (ninebot has a great youtube channel with short tutorials https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIpc9E-h4WMW2RsAzUk7pgw )
rowing along with one foot on the wheel and one on the ground.

ten feet and stop ten feet and stop. after the first week I used it for my daily commute. 1/2 mile to the bus, then one mile from the bus to the office.

I love the feeling of riding. I can't wait to get better at it. slow speed, loops, figure eights, backwards, I want to do it all. :)



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Welcome to the forum.


I think you are a very typical newbee here (no pun intended). I would dare to say that most users experience the same once they got their EU and started using it.

An EU is simply a lot of FUN :) besides being practical at the same time.

It took me two days to get the hang of it and then took it outside. In the first 10 days I travelled about 100 km in total, using almost every excuse I could think of to take it outside :) :)


So, enjoy your EU and have fun with it.

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