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FS - Three Month Old KS-s18 $1800+shipping in Austin, TX - w/ pics

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I am seriously thinking about selling or trading my almost new KS-s18. I've decided I am pretty sure I want a MSP RS-Torque, or $1800 + shipping.

Purchased new from eWheels in April 2021, there are less than 500 miles and lots of warranty left! The wheel is upgraded with a desirable knobby tire, spiked pedals with a super cool unique glow strip in the grip tape, plus a brand new air shock.

You'll notice the sides are covered in industrial velcro and some ugly DIY jump pads, but that stuff has helped protect the wheel.  They are actually very FUNctional, AND I have a set of brand new white side covers that you could just pop on if you don't like the idea of my pads or removing all that velcro. (I've had great success adding super bright mountain bike lights on the velcro for extra lighting during night rides!) Aside from a bit of dirt, and the pedals being a bit scratched up, with the new side covers installed I'd rate the cosmetics as 9/10. Mechanically it's perfect, and the upgraded tire is amazing!!! The rim is perfectly round (I always only ride at 40psi), and I have the original box, the original tire, a spare innertube, and of course the charger to go with the wheel.

Why am I selling? When I ordered this wheel I had youtube-inspired visions of going off some awesome huge jumps, but to be honest, I'm almost 50 years old, and in person they just look too scary for me! (However this wheel eats up potholes and curbs like they're candy!!) I weigh in around 220lbs with all my gear, and I think I would have more fun exchanging my super sweet suspension for a wheel with more torque and acceleration. I also have a new Sherman on its way. ;-)

The wheel is located in Austin, TX, and I am potentially willing to drive half way of a reasonable distance to meet up trade the wheel in person. Otherwise the wheel can be packaged up like new and shipped in its original box at the buyer's expense. Please feel free to PM me any questions, concerns, requests for detailed photos, ask for a phone number to talk details, or whatever might make you happy.

Thanks for looking!









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I am in ft.worth and want to trade a DJI Phantom 3 Drone and a GoPro camera with selfie stick. Both work perfectly,and the Phantom 3drone comes with everything you need..remote,battery,extra props and and a hardshell backpack case. I will pay the shipping for them and the wheel if you’ll pack it up Respectfully,Joseph Durant ph.#682)321-1950

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