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Mten3 tire rubbing


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Hey everyone, 

 I'm very new to EUC's. Been about a month since I first started and I'm happy to announce that I am hooked! A new sense of freedom is what I get from riding. After I discovered EUC's I had to pick one up for my daughter. I ended up getting an MTen3 for her and she has picked up most of the basic skills in a matter of a few weeks. 

 A few days ago I noticed that whenever she turned or even transferred her weight to either of the pedals the wheel would make quite a noticeable rubbing noise. Upon further inspection I noticed that the wheel was not centered in between the body, In fact it was quite cockeyed/crooked. I figure this is not a normal thing so I got on the youtube  and figured out how to disassemble the casing. During my daughters learning process she has had a couple spills and the wheel has acquired some scuffs, scratches and dings but nothing of any real concern.  I went ahead and removed the case from the pedal hangers thinking that if I disassembled then reassembled it would set anything that was out of whack back to its correct position. 

 After taking my time to do all this the issue has still not been resolved. It would be greatly appreciated if someone has or knows about this issue to shine some light on this. Thanks in advance. 

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