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I'm coming to Toronto, can someone help me find a wheel?

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Hi, I'm an experienced EUC rider and live in Vancouver.
I ride several hours each day and I can't imagine not having my wheel with me. My name's Logan and I'm an EUC addict ;P

I'm flying to Toronto in late June for about a week, and I'm sad to say I can't bring my wheel with me (airlines don't allow them). So I'm wondering if anyone has a spare wheel I could rent in Toronto for about 5-7 days?
I'm partial for the Kingsong 16X, but I'd be happy with pretty much any wheel that has a 3-inch tire or even the Kingsong 18XL.

I'd also be prepared to leave a hefty security deposit, would leave you with my ID, etc.
I also have great references in the riding community if that helps.
If anyone can help, that'd be greatly appreciated.

And I'd love to join a group for a Toronto ride once I'm there!

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