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Hoverboard cuts out when changing FWD>RVS or RVS>FWD and no charge.


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Hi All,

I'm troubleshooting a hoverboard my daughter got for Christmas. We've had a few trips on it and was OK but last use it would beep when travelling fast (suggesting low battery) and would cut out when changing direction (or slowing down/braking). Plugging in the charger does not see a charge in LED from Green to Red so it would appear to be charged.

It came from Amazon and they have refunded full price as seller has not responded to contact. I've got a reasonable electronic back ground so my initial feeling was a cell has failed in the Li-ion battery under load hence low voltage beep and no charge state. Anyhow I've opened her up and despite being listed as a 36V battery on the advert it has a 25.2V battery. Charger is correct at 29.4V. Battery is sitting at 25v and drops to 24V when under load. When I change direction/brake the voltage goes to 0V then shoots up to 55-60V and the unit cuts out. Do these units have regen braking? Is that's what's causing the voltage increase? It will sit at 55-60V until powered back on at which it drops to 25V again.


Any suggestions on further troubleshooting?







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