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Canada - Kingsong 18xl (2000w motor) for parts or fix


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Well, I must resign on this wheel as I don't know how to fix it. It's either a structural problem with either the axle or the inner shell, or a motherboard problem. Ewheels says it's most probably structural as the problem is intermittent.

This wheel was under warranty from ewheels until last August. They helped me changing one pedal hanger, and the inner shell, but the wheel still present some intermittent tremors. I even changed the motor to be sure, so mileage of the board (4800kms) is not the real mileage of the motor, which is around 200kms.

The wheel will occasionally shake and beeps, thus becoming unusable. Will be good again after powering it off and on again, but problem will come back. I've rode it for miles without problems, and sometimes it doesn't straight at the start.. really weird

I'm not sure I want to spend money ordering a new board, as I have other wheels to use.

So if any of you want to mess with it. Battery is still very nice. I unfortunately broke one lift sensor on the trolley. (8$ part)

Some scratches, but no cracks. Side pads are either to be changed or taped or glued, as I opened that wheel so many times to try fixing it, they got ripped.

I think I have the box. Will of course add the charger. Shipping is 50usd everywhere (but won't ship outside North America).

750usd$ I fair I think, as it's either an easy fix or adding a 200$ board.


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