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Any Way To Activate "Auto Balance" On A Hoverboard?


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Hey! I apologize if this is not the right kind of forum to post this in, I've never posted on this forum before. To get to my question though, I have a Jetson Flash hoverboard. When I turn my Jetson Flash on, It doesn't "Auto Balance" (Start balancing without your foot being on the pad). I've seen videos before of people using the exact same hoverboard, and when being turned on, it Auto Balanced.

I'm assuming that this a Motherboard Locked function, and can't be activated with an app or anything. But If this isn't the case, Is it possible to use an app to activate this? The hoverboard has the "Split Circuit", motherboards and not the classic main motherboard style. It also has an App Bluetooth module. Both the 2 Main Boards and the Bluetooth module are Tao Tao brand. I've noticed most hoverboard apps are based on the same app style, how do these Chinese app developers develop apps for hoverboards?

I know this is a lot of questions and I'm not even sure if this is the right kind of forum, but anyone who can answer any of my questions will be greatly appreciated.

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