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My prototype of sticker-free universal flypads / jump pads


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I'm attempting to create universal flypads / jump pads, without needing velcro or stickers or any kind of attachments. So they also work with covers.
The idea is to have them hold to the bottom part of the pedal attachment. Can also easily adjust the height of the pads to fit your footwear.
I put it on Thingiverse if anyone wants to try or improve them 🙂
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I see not a lot of interest :D but anyway just wanted to say that I updated the design so the rods screw directly to the holders now, no more rod tips coming out!






Same thingiverse link https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4740188

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I printed them in PETG, so they are a bit less stiff and prone to cracking than PLA.

They hold up great, at least to me (I weight 80 kilos) just on a fall they can shatter, but can print another one and that's it :)

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