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Clean Solowheel Glide 2 / Inmotion V5F for sale in London UK


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Hi all,

I am selling my wheel that is in an excellent condition. I had a baby and not using much anymore.

Selling for £350 or best offer. Only cash and collection from London (NW9 5AA, can come nearby in London).

I also have protective gears (hands, knees, elbows) and a helmet for £10.

I am the first owner and never had a crash. Always cared for the battery and it's still as good as its first day. An excellent option as a last-mile ride or as a Xmas/birthday gift.

Solowheel glide 2 (essentially the same as Inmotion V5F) is a perfect electric unicycle for beginners and mid-level.

The wheel comes with the original protective cover (in images), original charger, and original folding handle for carrying (you push a bit and it goes by itself) (in images)

Battery Range: 20-25 miles max potential
Top Speed: 15 mph / 25 kph (I did reach 40 downhill)
Wheel Size: 14 inches
Hill Climbing: rated for 18 degrees slope sustained
Weight Limit: 260 lbs max structural load. Note that performance in all areas is reduced at heavier loads. For 180lbs + we recommend V8 or V10.
Weather-resistant: IP55 rated
Ultra-Compact: easy to carry and stow. Folding handle accessory INCLUDED. Front and Rear Lights Intelligent Safety Tilt Back and audio warnings prevent you from pushing V5F past mechanical limitations based on available power.

Motor: 550W (nominal)
Battery: 320Wh
InMotion App Support


For More Details: https://www.myinmotion.com/products/solowheel-glide-2





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