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Sherman won't turn off or take charge


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I opened up the top on the Sherman to check for any loose connections yesterday, from the looks of things, everything is secure. Gave every connector a good push just to be sure.  Went out on the road for bit after, all is back in working order. 

Be safe everyone ✌🏿

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My sherman decided to lock up after standing still waiting on someone.  It was just on standing between my legs while I was waiting.  Then it was time to go.  I walked it to a level service and then it beeped and would not balance any more.  Motor was just locked in place.  I could force the wheel, but there was no object impeding wheel rotation.   Could not turn it off.  Held down the power button for 30 seconds.   Could not get it to turn off.   


Transported the wheel back home.   Managed to get the top off and unplugged it.   It was quite warm inside the systemboard area, but fans were spinning.


Is the system board trashed?  What could cause this?

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