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Last night, I noticed my wheel's headlight blinks with a very fast cycle. 

I turn it off and after waiting for a while turn it back on and it starts blinking again in 30 seconds to 3 minutes interval.

The LED control driver was the culprit of this problem occurring with my car's LED daytime running lights. They had replaced the control circuit inside the Headlight under warranty with a revised circuit that could cool better.

I asked two more of my V8F friends. They also noticed the same problem. Is this problem chronic?
Is there anyone who has experienced the same problem?


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1 hour ago, onecho said:

I just noticed the same on mine 2 days ago! Really fast flickering, right? Consider we all seem to have this “problem”, it might not seem to be something that can be fixed. 

Yeah really fast flickering.

To fix it, i think the led driver circuit need to be changed or to be cooled the existing circuit. 

In both cases, the shell of the device must be split in two to access the circuit.

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