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Instant top speed vs sustained top speed

Citi Wheel

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So with the new 9bot1 pro being out, I just wanted to discuss instantanous top speed vs sustained top speed. I have the N20 E+ on firmware 1.2.7. Today I got a screenshot of 17.2 mph which is "faster" than the quoted ninebot one pro top speed of 17 mph. However, this top speed was only obtained for a fraction of a second. Also I have suspicion that the 9bot app might be overestimating the speed by about 1 mph. So instead,  what I think is more useful how far you can go in a set amount of time. 

Testing my E+ this way, rather than relying on the app, the fastest sustained top speed I've been able to acheive is 13.8 mph. I think I would rather have manufacturers report this top speed, because it is more practical measure for commuters to know how long it will take them to travel from point A to point B.

If any 9bot1 pro owners could do a similar test, then we can get a true gauge of how much faster the pro is than the E+.



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27 minutes ago, Cranium said:

I did a 6 mile ride today and the max speed I achieved was 14.7MPH as measured by a Garmin Fenix 3 GPS watch.  This would be much more accurate than the Ninebot app.


Yeah from my tests the maximum speed where the tiltback starts is between 14 to 14.5 mph. The best sustained speed I was able to get was 13.8 mph, which looks like around what you got also between 4 and 8 minutes on that graph.

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