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Hi guys, I’ve got a brand new S Plus, and it’s my first time over a self balancing two wheels ever, so I’m here to ask if this ~ 2mm wobble in the right wheel in a brand new unit is normal or not

higher quality https://www.icloud.com/photos/#0vq-hkgzzOEUAjrAyvhq6uVqw

The box it was shipped into directly by the segway online shop was intact.

The video was taken after one day of usage and 20km, no falls, no hard bumps, tyre pressure not measured (the tyres are well inflated out of the box and do not squish), and I’m 75kg.

Is it normal/user serviceable? Should I be concerned?

I checked the side bolts that keep the wheel motor lid closed with a dynamometer and they were all serrated around 4.6Nm torque, but I can’t check the shaft without removing the warranty seals. The tyre seems well seated inside the rim bedding.

The right wheel also does a little, low pitched WRRRR vibrating noise when making a strong left turn and accelerating. I also got a lot of low pitched BOOPS (different from the top speed BIIIP) when accelerating near the top speed, and I don’t know what they are trying to tell me. Once I got a “motor is stalling” warning inside the app, is the alarm related? Is it telling me “torque required but the wheel is spinning fast already, not enough torque available”?

Thanks in advance

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Update, it does seem that the rim flange (where the red point is, in the picture) goes a little bit closer to the white chassis both on the front and the rear. So, I guess it’s not the shaft, because it doesn’t rotate with the rim while the closer flange part does.

The rim flanges on the outside when measured are perfectly round, tho.

Could it be that the rim and the bearings (I guess inside it’s bearings on a fixed shaft) are not true compared to the rim, or that the rim is bent? I’m kinda lost.

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