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Weped GT50E Torque Problem

Chino Dizon

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Hi Everyone,

Any GT50E owners in this sub? I just got mine, and I don't understand how the acceleration works. Even gassing it lightly, causes my front tire to lift off the ground about an inch. Anyone experience this?

I'm leaning forward with all my weight when I do this, so it's not me leaning back. I've also turned off fast start and still manage to lift off the ground about an inch when accelerating?

Second question: Is there anyway to go faster than 15 mph with turbo mode turned off? The only way I've found to exceed 15 mph is to keep turbo turned on, which I think has way too much torque - It causes my tire to lift off the ground even when rolling.

For example, I'll be rolling at 15 mph and give it gas with turbo mode turned on, causing my front tire to lift up.

Any feedback is appreciated as I'm a bit scared of using it.


P7 - Slow start

P8 - 70% power

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Hello, I don't have a GT50, I almost bought one but as my roads in town are very rough I was not sure how the front suspension of the Weped would handle the bumps. Your question on the power- I dont think they use the EYE minimotors controller, check to see if there is a safe start as the EYE has 0-5 settings on how much torque is off the line. I ended up buying a Currus Panther which uses the same controllers as the Dualtron Thunder. It has a single or dual mode and almost the same issue- single mode is very slow acceleration but it does eventually get upto 33 mph if its flat-any slight incline and I have to hit the Dual mode just to get up to 20 mph. Dual mode will rip out of your hands if your not ready, its almost impossible to drive under 30mph smoothly as the finger throttle is too touchy. Sounds like its the same on the Weped GT50.  Just seems all these manufactures are focused on acceleration all out but no smooth driving in the 5-25 mph range. I have watch tons of videos on these high power scooters and everyone drives it by just cycling the throttle on and off to control their speeds. What I eneded up doing is moving the single/dual motor selector button closer to the grip- when I take off from a stop I start in single, once moving and im ready for it, I hit the dual to get me upto speed. Seems kind of stupid to have to do this all the time. I think Apollo scooters developed their own controllers to fix this issue on their Pro line. I actually considering selling my Panther because of the similar issues you are having in addition to I constantly get motor power cutoff almost everytime Im in single mode going from a stop. Their customer service is HORRIBLE!

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