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Scooter project from unicycle motor


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Thinking about my next project. I ended up with some extra KS14C hub motors when I rebuilt my electric unicycle.  Considering building an electric scooter so my less talented friends can ride with me.  I have a scooter base that 14” wheels will fit and it’s stable at speed, long and low slung. A speed of 30 mph should be a reasonable expectation with one 800 watt motor and close to 45 mph with two pushing me.  I’ll be repurposing a 680 wH battery pack from a broken unit for power.

First project will be to get a single motor working with 340 watt hour pack. Then when I figure out how to stop it, double the power and battery. 

I am considering a standard twist or thumb throttle.



1.  Does anyone have a suggestion for a motor controller capable of driving this single motor upgradable for dual motors?

2.  Any ideas how to stop this thing? Not much rim contact area to mount a standard brake calipers with the fill stem basically coming out of the rim. Maybe a way to retain electric braking with controller?

3. Has anyone done this?



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