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WTB Gotway nikola 84v board NEEDED (US OR CANADA)

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Hello all

If any of you has a Gotway nikola 84v board for sale I would be happy to buy.

The history is: my board has a problem that causes the lights and fan not to turn off except by disconnecting the batteries.. my dealer , Chickway shop, sent me a board, but made for a top mounted Nikola board and mine is mounted on the side. So, not working.

I've exchanged that board with someone that has the same problem, but with a top mounted one. My board worked fine for him, but the one he sent me is weird. The buzzer keeps beeping constantly. A never ending beeeeeeeeeeeep. 

So it's weird. Plus the fan, that usually kicks in quite fast in my experience, doesn't start. My fan is not defective, so is it the board? I don't know..

So.. I'm still trying to find a board, trying to avoid paying 300$ for a new one..

My Chinese supplier, Chickway, is not responding anymore. So for future purchase I'll always deal with a local dealer. But for now.. any help is welcome.!

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