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Denver area - seeking a cheapo or rental

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Hi all,

First off, damn you all! Until about a week ago I never even heard of EUCs then I saw a few YouTube clips, now i can't think of needing anything more urgent in my life than that. After intense research i have decided the V11 will be it. Unfortunately they won't be available for awhile. The time between now and the arrival feels wasted.

I have never ridden an EUC but I am not a complete gimp, however I would really hate to scratch up my new toy when it arrives.


Does anybody in the Denver have an old beater EUC, you know, one of those cheap underpowered ones that you upgraded from, that just collects dust and is in the way? I wouldn't mind buying it. Or perhaps you have a collection of wheels and I could rent an underutilized one from your stable, for a fee of course? 


I'd like to start practicing ASAP


Please let me know.



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