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Low-Rent HUD?

Daryl Zero

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First; hello everyone! Long-time reader, first-time poster. Now on to business.
The other day I noticed that if you hold a smartwatch at the right angle, on or about the top center bar of the chin protection part of a full-face helmet like the Fox Proframe (thank you, Chooch, excellent recommendation), it doesn't block your field of view at all, but the watch face is still clear and readable if you glance down at it. It's not even a strain to look at it, so I don't think there is any chance of a "The Jerk" scenario, wherein the whole EUC community ends up cross-eyed. 
Does anyone know of, or can anyone think of, a small, light, unobtrusive way to securely mount a watch, at a specific angle, to the chin protector of a full-face helmet? Maybe an existing mirror or light mount for bikes? I have seen a few mounts for holding a watch to a bike handlebar, but they're bigger than I think would be ideal for this purpose. I am hoping for something less bulky than a GoPro mount, that might work on more than just one specific helmet make and model. I can always make something with a wire jig that would secure with tension specifically to my Proframe, but I thought maybe someone out there could think of something better and maybe a little more universal. 



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