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Why go with an authorized dealer? I'll tell you my opinion.


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Just wanted to share my experience.

I bought my Ninebot One E+ from a dealer on Alibaba.  The cost was $760 shipped (including training wheels) and they said they would ship it via FedEx so would have it quickly.  I wasn't in a huge rush to receive my first EU but was certainly excited about it.  But they money savings was just too good to pass up!  So I ordered.  Long story short, they didn't ship as quickly as they said, shipped using BlueJet Express instead of FedEx, posted a fake FedEx tracking number on the order and didn't include the training wheels.  30 days later the Ninebot was at my doorstep.  Brand new in the box with the latest version of electronics.  I created a case for the issues on the order and ended up receiving $76 back so final cost was $684.  Great deal, right?

But then 9 days later I have a problem.  The Ninebot dies and now I'm in a pickle.  I'm certainly not getting support from the reseller that didn't get as much as they expected to get because of my complaint.  I also have no idea if they are an authorized seller so my support from Ninebot may be in question as well.  But I figured what the hell...might as well try.  So I send off an email to Ninebot explaining my issue.

Now I'm without an EU.  Just as I got bit by the bug, it was yanked away and the downtime was indeterminate.  In the meantime I saw a post from a new company called Forward California.  They were selling the P for a pretty good price compared to the others so I decided to order another EU.  After ordering, I reached out to them and explained my predicament with my E+ and asked if there was anything they can do.  And they responded.  @FORWARD california saw my post about the issue and offered to contact Ninebot on my behalf to help expedite my repair process.  Of course I took them up on their offer.

One week later and because of the help of @FORWARD california, I have a replacement control board in hand from Ninebot to get my E+ back up and running.  This is the advantage of having an authorized dealer working with you.  And a dealer that responds to emails promptly.  They didn't have to help me but they did.  I can't thank them enough.  And this morning, I also received notice that my P was shipped out so should receive that next week and have two EUs to ride.  My son will get my E+ though.

So my opinion changed from my experience (as it should in life).  I initially wanted to just save money but it bit me.  If I had to troubleshoot and purchase repair parts for my EU it would have cost much more than the money I saved.  But I got very lucky and was rescued by @FORWARD california.  Having the support if something goes wrong is now more important.

BTW...I finally received a response from Ninebot about support from the email I sent out a week ago.  They said I had to fill out an attached form to get support but then forgot to attach the form.  They have no idea that I already received a replacement board from them in that same time period.  

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Cranium, your experience and my concern over commitment issues outside the US, is exactly why I spent $950 for my 9B1 and purchased it from a US Distributor.   Sure I may have spent more, but I am covered against 9Bots unstable updates.  

Live and learn, cheers,

also, 2 thumbs up to FORWARD Ca. for stepping up and helping out!



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