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Internal resistance/mah with (18650's)


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Hey Guys. Some of you maybe know something about lithium ion (18650's) that i don't know so here is my question. I have just bought a battery tester/charger (liitokala lii-500) and i have just started some of my (used) cells. For 1 week ago i got some festool 5,2 ah, dewalt, milwaekke, Fein, and some other batteries. (Question) How many milliohms/mR diffrence can there be when you are making a battery pack of mixed cells? I know that the capacity needs to be close to each other, but how close? For an example. 1 of my festool rates 2400mah and 28 mR and my milwaukee rates 2200 mah but 60 mR/milliohms and my fein rates 2500mah/120mR/milliohms. Can they all be put together as one pack. How much can the diffrence be with the cells in milliohms and mah? Thanks for you'r answers!

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