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(EU, Germany) Selling Ninebot One Z10 - 1300km

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Hello, I'd like to offer my Ninebot One Z10, since I haven't been driving as much lately.

Except for scratched pedals, the wheel is in a good condition. I installed the bumpers just after I got it delivered, so the padding beneath the bumpers is like new. I never had a fall at high speed, watched the battery capacity when not driving and of this day it is still possible to load it up to 100% (though I often stopped at 80-90%). 

Up until now I've driven 1300km on the wheel, which may slightly rise.

The wheel was bought new at the Online-Shop 1RadWerkstatt in Germany in September 2018. The invoice, all accessories and the original packaging are still available and will be sold with the wheel. I don't know if it's possible to send it around in EU (or even worldwide) but if it's possible and the buyer pays shipping, I'l gladly send the wheel to the desired location.

Since I couldn't find any other Z10 sales, I don't really know if the asking price of 1100€ is too high. So I'm open for offers :)

I'm located in Germany, Zip-Code 76777.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, here are some pictures of the wheel:

Click for folder






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