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Li-Ion Battery Pack 48V 10.5Ah 500w output, Metal Enclosure

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Li-Ion Battery Pack 48V 10.5Ah 500w output, Metal Enclosure, For E-Bikes, E-Unicycle, E-Skateboards 13s bms
Condition: Discharged and Re-Charged less than 20 times. May have some scratches on the metal case that do not affect performance.
Weight: 6lb with metal enclosure, 5lb without
Measurements: Lenght: 18.5” (15.5 without case) Width: 3.25” (2.7” without case) Height: 1.7” (1.5” without case)
Casing: Metal
Nominal Voltage: 46.8V
Limited Charging Voltage: 54.6V/3A
Resistance (23 ± 2 ℃): ≤ 250mΩ
Charging time: 4-5 hours
Cycle life: ~800 cycles
Nominal Capacity: 10.5Ah
Watt Hours: 491.4Wh
Minimum wattage output: 500w
Amount of cells: 39
Cell manufacturer: Panasonic-Sanyo
Cell Size: 18650
Cell model: Panasonic-Sanyo NCR18650GA 3500mAh
BMS: Installed (Low Voltage, Overcharge, Temperature, Current output and Short Circuit protection, with power equalization output)

not sure how to attach photos from desktop pm me


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