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Can you convert a scooter charger to work with a Tenergy charger?


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Hello everyone!


I have not yet ordered it, but I am looking at the Macwheel MX1 and was wondering if I could convert the stock charger wire to work with a Tenergy charger like this. Could this break the battery? The 2 amp charger just seems a bit low and I would think I could charge it at 5 amps at least am I wrong? I apologies if I am getting this all wrong I come from Lipos where everything is much different.

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I have one of those similar chargers, bmax.  Honestly, I dont think the charger is designed to handle what you are hoping for(specs say 22v). I mean, maybe it can, but 36v is a little high. I thought about using mine for a second, then realized it just wasnt really the right tool for the job. Of course my wheels are 84v and cant go that high. The scooter needs 42v for charging(dont quote me on this). I'd stay with 2 amp.  You can search and find $20 chargers around, tho i cant verify quality of any of them for you. As you increase charge rate, you increase heat. I dunno if the gains of doubling the charge rate (on economy priced equipment especially) will be worth the risk. You can always try, so you'd be looking for a 42v 5amp li-ion charging brick. Fwiw, my BIG wheel comes stock at 1.5amp 84v, so slow charging is the common/preferred method, excluding other factors. I'd imagine you can scalp the connector off your charger and solder it to nearly ANY aftermarket charger. You could also get quick connects and modify it to come apart to swap chargers but reuse same connector.  1.5-2amp seems to be the most common 42v chargers. If you find a 5amp, be prepared for it to NOT be priced in a linear manner. Expect to pay 3-5x's more for double the amperage.

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