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Hovertrax 2.0 Disassembly


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My daughter lost her balance on her Hovertrax 2.0 and it went into a ditch and got wet. One half of the board shows signs of internal condensation on the power meter and lights. The board, when I turn it on, turns in circles erratically and then beeps and refuses to do anything else. Clearly, it is shorted.

I have attempted to open it up to see if I can get the circuitry to dry out. I removed the eight screws (four per side) from the bottom and cannot get the hoverboard to open. I've looked all over the internet and all of the videos and instructions I find are for the original Hovertrax. 

Does anybody have any advice on what else I need to do to get the board open?

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I struggled with this as well. I mistakenly bumped part of the rubber non-slip cover that you place your feet on when riding the board. If you pry the rubber cover off around its perimeter you will expose a number of screws under the rubber cover that release the two plastic housings.

My daughter left her board in the rain and it ruined the power button. I was able to completely disassemble the board and replaced the power button. 

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