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Hoverboard vid


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HENDO announced during the Capital building. 'Skateboards float' through the website Kickstarter means a production release real soon, because the project's budget of 250,000 US dollars, and now it's target to successfully However Hoverboard of HENDO may not. fly high like in the movie Back to the Future Part 2 float above the ground, but only slightly. But it is safe for the players. see more pictur at : http://hoverboard-poom35.info/

For those who would like to play HENDO Hoverboard be willing to pay up to US $ 10,000, or about 327,900 baht, or pay $ 100 to play just five minutes with the T-shirt as a souvenir. read more at all title : http://hoverboard-poom35.info/sitemap_index.xml

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