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GotWay Nikola {needs work} seattle

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okay so i got my Nikola from Ewheels. I  got one out of the first shipment. i have put over 2300 miles on it with the first gen control board.  i am now having battery issues.  One of the packs is bad.   i Have a brand new control board for it thats not even been installed yet. i just put a brand new motor and tire and tube on it. it has a lot of dings and scratches . I have put a lot of miles and had a lot of fun with it   it was a great wheel.   I am selling it now to get another wheel .  i would only suggest anyone get this wheel for parts or to repair themselves    it will only get like 5-7 miles range right now. Basically you’ll get a brand new motor/rim tube and tire which cost 400$. Also the new large mosfet control board thats never been used thats worth over 200$.  And one good 800wh battery pack also worth over 400$ .. the frame is fine no cracks or broken sides.  Just scratched up a bit.  I am not really savvy enough to mess with the battery and control board so I’d rather get a new wheel than try and mess with it myself ..  this is a well used wheel so i am only asking 700$ OBO .  i just need help getting a new wheel .   please contact me for more info.   


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