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Ninebot ES2 Code 10 repair


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Hi, first post here

I got hit with an error 10 code on my last ride. It manifested with random breaking and acceleration, scooter wouldn't turn off and other weird behavior.

Tonight I took it apart and the dashboard section and looks ok

I then disassembled the stem and extracted the battery and motherboard. I'm seeing a cable with a yellow connector that's was just dangling around the motherboard. The other end is the one going to the dashboard connector, so it makes sense for error 10, I can't actually image how it even worked at all. The cable is completely disconnected.

What I don't understand is where would this be connected on the motherboard? I don't see any pins available in there and no sign of damage on the motherboard.

Image here: https://imgur.com/a/wgdeJFh



PS: This is the second time I have cable breaking issues. First time it was the cable going to the back lights which just broke around the connector, but that's a different story.


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Did you fix it? Ive had the same issue, with the random breaking and disconnecting. But after reboot it was fixed, until now. Cant do anything powerbutton doenst work, got the controller out and theres a red led light burning where the yellow connector is mount but other then that everything looks fine. 


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