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-> The RAIN PROOF ... daily commute idea.

Guest PogArt Artur

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Guest PogArt Artur

Some of you already know, the EUC usage to me, it's mainly daily commute of 8 miles.

When I'm starting early shifts, like 4:25am , I'm half sleeping yet  :)

Sometime I forget to check the weather outside before I leave,whether it's rain or not, ending up standing at an opened door with my fish face... :)

That's why I've been looking for rain jacket and trousers, preferably over gear.

I found I'm fancy one piece suits - seems to be convenient and quick to put it on/off.

I haven't stop searching, and by coincidence I've found the Muc-Off Fabric Protect spray.

So far I think I prefer that Muc-Off even more.

Once sprayed over a preferable gear, it's stays on, allowing to wear the standard daily gear, and letting to go out whether there's rain or not.

I know it isn't cheap (£9.99 ebay),but will save me making my silly fish face early morning, and I will be able to set off to work ASAP, no wasting time to put the rain suit on...

The heavy rain starts sometime at the middle of my commute, or so ...

It would be upsetting stopping somewhere, digging the backpack in search of rain suit.. - I might be totally wet until then!? 

It does work on any fabrics,leather,polyester,breathable textiles, shoes,gloves,backpack ...

I think it will work for my purpose very well.




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Guest PogArt Artur
4 minutes ago, Phunny said:

For the wheel itself, I like Boeshield T9, inside and out. Been great for electronics and metal (like generator engines). Semi expensive, and worth it.

Thank you for suggestion!

So you spraying the EUC shield, all around with Boeshield T9?

I need to check it out :)

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