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Hi everyone.

Had the ninebot for 4 months, No issues till the other day. When light is on the throttle basically crawls to a stop. Switch light off and all good. Look's like this is the ES2 power board issue??

Also, board on which I stand squeaks loudly. Does not seem to be any specific place. ie where ever I plant my feet it squeaks. Very annoying. Any hints etc appreciated.

Thank you

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Well I have used CRC on the underside of the board and around the wheels etc. Basically anything I could squirt the spray into. This has certainly made a big difference, but there is still creaking. Will leave for a while and see if it goes away. (Maybe I have to lose weight!!) I have been trying to contact the dealer I bought the Ninebot ES2 from in an attempt for them to fix the power board issue (I am assuming this is the problem regards light on and throttle basically stopping). Still no go, so very frustrating. Still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping they respond. Have had the e-scooter for about 4 months and I love it. Have sent off for an LED front light which I will use instead of the one on the ninebot.

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