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Unnable to unlock my KS16S

Gil Navalho

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Hi everyone

Hope someone can help

I cannot sign in in KingSong app as I changes phone and forgot password. Tried a new registration but also did not work.

Yesterday I turn on the app in my phone (Samsung S8) as I had the weel charging. I turned on the well to check battery level. From that time got a nightmare.

The weel was locked (like the weel was jammed and hard do rool) and got the message "Bluetooh is off". The app is able to search for the weel but nothing happens.

I get the message to update the firmware (I have the 1.03 version) but I'm not able to update it has I cannot sign in.

I think this might be a problem with the firmware update (I have no idea if it was updating while I turned on the weel) but I cannot solve it.

Be pleased if someone help me.


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