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Inmotion V3 - Long shot


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Hi guys,

Long time lurker, really enjoy the forum (especially the geeky motor stuff).

I'm playing a long shot here. I have a broken Inmotion V3 here, the red motor control pcb board is/was dead. I managed to replace the two step down converters on it, hoping the stm32f103 chip had survived. 

So now i have a board which is functional from a power point of view, but alas the stm32 is toast.

So, my question is does anyone have a working pcb they can sell me, or (a really long shot) does anyone have a copy of the motor controller firmware for the motor controller board of an inmotion v3 / v3 pro. I have contacted Jason at eWheels, but he doesnt appear to have any in stock.

The alternative is i put a new blank stm32 on the board and write my own / modify the open source code to match the inmotion pinout (please god no)

Thanks for your time.




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