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V8's died within 24hrs both failures caught on video


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Hey everyone, 

Got an easy fix or a hard one for yall!!

So had two of my v8's fail within 24hrs. Same conditions wet sand carving ( non got into the wheel, checked that, the handle was taped closed (painters tape), not dripping wet only damp) 

failure one was on my new v8 under 20miles 
failure two was on my old v8 with over 1000miles both similar spills both about 70% battery.

Inmotion Canada has fixed my new v8 under warranty. Thanks, Ray, super quick about the whole process by changing out the control board. But does not have a more clear answer as to why this happened. ( will ask him to have the control board checked over but not sure how long that will take if at all) 

 However, the old v8 ( out of warranty & he has no other control boards in stock) is still not functioning & have tried the obvious things disconnect the battery, the wheel spins freely, control board looks fine.  Has anyone else had a similar issue?  This was one of the mellowest crashes  & killed two v8's?? I love these units that why i bought two to share the fun!! Sad week of no riding. 

Videos of both crashes, you can kinda hear motor chug in the second video ( my friend riding it)  but nothing in the first one as i jumped off. 


This is what we were trying to master in the last video wet sand carving. At the end of the video 37 seconds in shows the accomplished carving session. 


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