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Need help Repair of my 9B E+

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Hello friends. Recently i had troubles with my 9bot E+, the mainboard is dead, and i had someone wich tried to repair changing the mosfets, but him broken my board, more specific, routes to the mosfets was destroyed and my board is unusable, i tried to rebuild the routes, but no luck. 

In my country, (Romania) the wages are low and i can't afford a new board. I don't have warranty for the 9bot, and for me it's a great deal of trouble because i love very very much this bot and above all, i maked a real effort to buy this. First buyer have this from China, so him can't offer help with nothing.

So, I appeal to your kindness to help me resolve this problem. I need from you (if someone have and is useless), if you have a broken board and you can send me, this will be a great help to make my bot alive again.

I need from users like you several boards, i wil try to make one of them working. 

My e-mail is alin_arghira@yahoo.com, if you can make a good deed, you can contact me and we will speak by email for details. 

My board was 1.3 green version, with 100N8F6 mosfets, so, if you have a board like this, broken, and if it is useless for you, will be a great help for me. 

I studied forums and i asked some electronic technicians, and i think i will succeed to make one board from many, working. After this, i'll promise to share my knowleges with you, and with this i want to help more people to repair their 9bots.

I don't want to upset somebody, this post is only a way i think i will make my bot alive, again and may be considered research work. 

I'm waiting for your answers. Thank you in advance.

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