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This weekend, I visited a charming city to follow along with a bizarre once-a-year cultural proceeding, and while pursuing it, glimpsed two unicycles sailing around! 

I brave that city a few times a year and had not seen a unicycle there before.

A white wheel (with black trim) was being piloted in the vicinity of a pier in the historic market district that lies at the foot of the broad way that leads uphill to a hospital.  At the time, I was waiting to board a taxi.

Then, just after I disembarked from the taxi, in a spot named after a provincial capital in China, a second unicycle swept placidly past along the park paths!  White again, but green trim.  

By the way, neither of the unicycles appeared to arouse public interest.  Maybe the long-suffering people of this city of spectacular urban ills are finally starting to Believe!

(If I have neglected to name the city, it's only to hold that honor for contributors more deserving of it.)

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