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Gnuplot Script for Wheellog 1.0.2 1.0.0

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About This File

wheellog 1.0.2.dem

Tested/developed with gnuplot 5.2.5 https://sourceforge.net/projects/gnuplot/files/gnuplot/5.2.5/

Version 1.0.2 for wheellog data files

Usage (Windows):

[path-to-gnuplot-executable]\gnuplot.exe -c [path-to-script-file]\wheellog 1.0.2.dem [path-to-wheellog-data-file]\[data-file-name].csv [Options]

!Attention - options are case sensitive!

    log: "normal" diagram (datafile values over time)

" i-v": (Current over Speed Diagramm), log is default

    Show limits (time to overlean, percentage, U Battery 0, etc), requires profiles (internal battery resistance, coil resistance and kv to be known and set)
    Profile Number for Limits, 1 is default
    Normalize i-v diagramm. Speed and Current Values are "normalized" relative to the "internal" battery voltage (U0), so there is one fixed current over speed limit.
    Sets the option lim, profile values of the wheel have to be known and set.
    Axis values are not valid anymore!
    Write file or show on screen"'
    Output filenames will be the original filename with the ending .csv.png for "normal" logs, .csv.i-v.png for current over speed diagrams and .csv.i-v.n.png for normalized i-v diagrams.
    ! Attention: files will be overwritten without warning !

Customization of the script file:

This version depends on the column header of the .csv files. If one has still old whellog date files wihtout header, one has to insert a corresponding header line.
For the different datafile versions in regard to temperature the script tests the columns "system_temperature", "battery_temperature" and "temperature" and uses the first found with values.
Date has to be in first column, time in the second.

The "log" diagram can be customized with the _plot_param array
Show: 1 show this value or 0 hide it
Color: one of gnuplots internal colornames or #RRGGBB (explicit Red Green Blue Triple in hexadecimal
Width: Line Width
Axis: 1 - Values according to left hand y-axis, 2 - Values according to right hand side y-axis
Name: Name for legend

n_profiles ... With this variable the number of profiles is specified (Profile 1..n_profiles are valid and have to be set)
_wheeltype[profile_number]   ... Name of wheel
_R_i_battery[profile_number] ... internal resistance of Battery
_R_coil[profile_number]         ... resistance of motor coil
_kv[profile_number]             ... Motor constant kv in V/km/h

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