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Help please. May have got scammed on fake Segway Mini Pro

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I may have purchased a fake Segway mini pro from a reputable company here in Poland. This is the link to the product on sale. 


The product was in a brown box over the original one. I noticed the battery wasn't the same as the ones I saw on youtube videos and matched what I thought was just the ninebot mini with a weaker battery.


Here are the photos: 










I had bought a scooter also from them that seemed great so when I decided to buy the mini pro as well. The price comes out to about $590. If anyone can confirm I got what I paid for or if I got scammed please let me know. Thanks!

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I’m no expert on the Ninebot mini’s but I believe it is only the Pro that has the 310Wh battery - as you are showing. I’m not sure if you are also commenting on the cardboard outer box, however I would expect that to be correct to ensure it survives postage.

Probably the best person on this forum to ask is @jojo33 and by linking his name like I just have he should be alerted to this question. He also discusses Mini/MiniPro batteries below:


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58 minutes ago, steve454 said:

I believe @Shad0z had a clone minipro, maybe he also can tell the difference.

In the meantime, here is a video that shows the differences.  This video is one year old, so might be out of date.


the one i got was a little weird. it didnt act anything like the fake ones. it was more like a real one just made with slightly cheaper components and different firmware

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Thanks guys. The more I look into it Im not sure what to think. The SN on box is falling off very cheap but it's there and no "by segway" anywhere on the box. So looks more like the ninebot mini pro. 

That being said tho what's the difference in battery performance?

All these segway stickers and the ad make me question if its a knock off tho. 

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Dont worry if Segway is not on the box maybe it's made for chinese market and in China it's Xiaomi Mijia Ninebot 

But please try with the official app first 

Create an account a login 

Dont accept the assurance  (only for chinese )

Make the tutorials

Look here for activation 


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16 minutes ago, steve454 said:

I like wood flooring, just by accident found this other picture with similar wood grain.

oh my god they cloned a pure genuine original texan wood flooring, now it's selling all over Poland :D

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8 hours ago, jojo33 said:

I need you post very good pics of Battery 

Look tire internal side is there Ninebot branded or Seyoun ? 

Just says Ninebot on inside of tire. It connects to the app but not easily.  Takes about 5-8 tries to connect. My kick scooter connects first time everytime. Here's the battery specs from app. qXO5nPd.png






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me and some other people have adviced gotway to make their new "dten" (segway mini type vechicle) faster! than what they announced as 19kph top speed.

so maybe there will be a game changer if people want more speed


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